What is positioning, and why does the phrase play such a big role?

What is positioning, and why does the phrase play such a big role?

Having a company, we face activities aimed at promoting and advertising it. Nowadays, when the Internet plays the first fiddle, setting up a professional corporate website is essential. However, the website itself is not enough, because potential customers need to find out about it in order to be able to see the offer and assess the reliability of the company. Positioning allows you to increase the visibility of a website, and thus encourage more people to visit it. So let’s find out what positioning is and what role the phrase plays in it.

How does SEO work?

This secret word means nothing less than a series of measures aimed at increasing the number of visits to our website. The most frequently visited search engine by Internet users is Google, which is why complicated algorithms are created for this search engine, which lift websites of various companies to the very top, i.e. to the first tab of the search engine. Algorithms change frequently, so there are no constants here that would guarantee that the actions planned today will work out in a month or two. However, there are permanent elements that will increase your success, and they certainly include the content posted on the website.

A website should be professional and contain content of value for the reader. Texts fully saturated with keywords that do not bring anything specific to the reader are not enough.In fact, there are about 200 factors that the algorithms use to place our website in the right place in the search engine. They can be divided into factors directly related to the website, such as content, and factors focusing on the popularity of the website on the Internet. The latter consists of elements such as the existence in social media, or the number and quality of pages and content that link to our website.whether the number and quality of pages and content linking to our website.whether the number and quality of pages and content linking to our website.

Why is the phrase so important?

When we search for some information on the Internet, we type “key word”. For example, if we want to find a page where we buy a mattress for a bed, we usually enter the word mattresses with the note of the place where we live. This is the phrase. A list of words entered into the search engine will give us a list of pages offering answers to the phrase given to the search engine. It doesn’t have to be a small number of words, it can also be a long question of five, six or even more words.

These longer phrases are called “long tail”. It seems simple, but taking into account the size of the competition, the choice of words for the client to find our site in the search engine is not that easy. Conscious placement of keywords in the text is also important in website positioning.They can appear in the title and headlines, increasing the chance for higher pageviews, and of course in the content, but be careful that they are included in a very natural way. It should also be remembered that too high concentration of phrases may have the opposite effect to the intended one, therefore the saturation of the text with phrases should be done very skillfully. It is worth mentioning that phrases are divided into several types, for example:

  • flowers (general),
  • cut (detailed),
  • company name (brand name),
  • city ​​(local).

Why is it worth positioning your website?

Let’s assume that we already have a website for our company and we sent out links to all friends, but there is still too little access to the website, and there is nothing strange about it. Currently, the competition is huge, because each company has its own website, encouraging you to use its services. If the competition has commissioned specialists to position the website, it is no wonder that our website goes unnoticed on the Internet. The best positioned pages are on the first tab of the browser, the worse ones are in the next.

We should try to positioning, because the average client or contractor does not want to waste time browsing the next browser tabs, and most often focuses on the first and second. This is why positioning is so important. If we have free time that we can devote to activities,let’s try to raise our website in the results ourselves. Let’s check if the content on our website is original and unique, and properly optimized for SEO. If we find bugs, we’ll fix them. The website should have an interesting graphic design, be intuitive, and catch the eye from the first sight. It is also worth equipping your website with a blog with industry tips.

All content should contain phrases that we believe will be entered in the search engine by people looking for such services as those provided by the company. Find sites of the same industry with whom you can exchange content, link to your site and collaborate with them. The more you hear and see about your website on the internet, the closer your success is, and the closer you get to your site.