What articles should always be in the office?

What articles should always be in the office?

An office is primarily a place of work, but customers also often come here. When taking care of employees and clients, it is worth having at hand things that should never be missing in a self-respecting office. These are items whose expiry date is so long that making stocks does not risk throwing them out because of expiry. What should all office owners, as well as secretaries and other people responsible for office equipment remember?

A small snack

Hosting a client in an appropriate manner significantly affects the possibility of establishing further cooperation and its quality. The customer will immediately feel better if he sees a candy plate at the reception desk. Sweet snacks should also be provided during individual meetings between employees and clients. It’s not about serving top-shelf snacks to your guests. It is enough for small cookies or sticks to appear on the table. It is true that they will not satisfy the hunger if such a customer feels it, but they will make the time spent on business talks more pleasant. It is always a good idea to have a few packages of cookies and salty snacks in stock in case a client wants to come to the office. It is important to choose dry products, without chocolate or other additives that may dissolve under the influence of high temperature.It is not appropriate to serve snacks that do not look aesthetically pleasing.

Cold and hot drinks

While a snack is not an obligatory element of a meeting with a client, it is good to suggest at least a glass of water. Water bottles should be taken care of at any time of the year, not only on hot summer days. Nevertheless, during the summer heat, the employer is also obliged to provide drinks to his employees, so it is worth having a large supply of water in the office. When ordering drinks, you should not forget about coffee for the company. Coffee for the company is the basic drink enjoyed by both employees and customers. While employers are not required to provide access to coffee for their employees, this is practiced in most offices.

The question remains, which coffee to choose for the company? Coffee beans are the best solution if there is a coffee machine in the office. The more expensive the coffee, the better,however, you do not have to choose coffee for a top-shelf company right away. It is enough that the coffee is simply tasty. If, on the other hand, there is no coffee machine in the office, you can use loose or instant coffee, but they do not give a good impression as a cup of fresh coffee from the machine. When it comes to coffee for the company, tea is also a must. Plain black tea in a bag will work best.

Of course, you can offer guests or employees various types of tea: green, white, red, herbal or fruit, but you should not forget about its basic variant, because not everyone likes tea flavors other than traditional ones. For hygiene reasons, it is advisable to pack the tea bags individually. There may also be juices and various types of drinks in the office, but this is only an addition to water, tea or coffee for the company.

Hygiene measures

Everybody should take care of hygiene, and in particular hygiene measures should not be missing in the workplace. The basis is, of course, toilet paper and paper towels, with which you can wipe your hands after washing them. Even if the office has a hand dryer, it is a good idea to put several sheets of disposable towels on top of it. In the context of hand washing, a mandatory element of equipment is also soap, preferably (for hygiene reasons) liquid soap. There is nothing worse in the eyes of the customer than the lack of basic personal care in the toilet. Remember to check their condition in the bathrooms on an ongoing basis. In larger offices, cleaners take care of it, while in smaller offices, there should be a specially designated person. After the bathroom inspection, it is worth visiting the kitchen.

There, employees should also have access to, for example, washing-up liquid and a clean sponge. In addition, the office should have a cutlery dryer, cups and plates, as well as paper towels that will allow you to collect excess water from washed dishes. Office owners must also keep the coffee machine clean, if there is one in the office. Modern coffee machines have a self-cleaning function, but from time to time you have to clean them with a special powder that will remove the remaining sediment. Regular cleaning of the machine is a guarantee not only of hygiene, but also of the usefulness of the equipment, which, when cleaned in accordance with the instructions, will serve for years.

The list of things that should always be in the office equipment is relatively long. Fortunately, due to their long expiry date, you can make larger stocks from time to time and not worry that we will run out of something in the office. This is very important not only in the context of the image we build in the eyes of the client, but also of employees who like to have access to basic things that meet their needs at work.