Urządzamy pierwsze biuro

We are arranging the first office

When we start our own business, we must have an office. An office must be functional and well-decorated for us to work well in it. In the initial phase of operation, there will always be things that we have forgotten to buy. This is inevitable – we just can’t predict everything. However, there are elements of equipment that we cannot forget.


Currently, an office is not an office if it does not have a computer. We should have at least two computers. Why two? To explain it is simple. Even if we only have office work to do on the computer, it is good to have a replacement computer – just in case. Otherwise, we use the computer for office work and, for example, for creating website graphics. An office computer will have to meet completely different requirements than the one on which graphics programs work.

Many novice entrepreneurs wonder what computer to buy. The offers on the market can be divided into two main categories. New and post-lease computers. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of the latter, the price for which we can get good equipment is an undoubted advantage. It is important to check what is inside such a device before buying. One of the more important things are SSD drives.

Why SSDs

SSD drives are the younger brothers of HDD drives. When HDDs reigned supreme, the best way to speed up your computer was to replace the CPU or buy more RAM. Currently, processors are so fast, and we have so much RAM, that the element slowing down the hardware is the speed at which the computer can extract information from the hard drive. SSD disks are disks based on solid state information transfer technology. HDDs are magnetic disks. The difference is dramatic. Replacing the HDD with an SSD creates the impression that we are working on completely different equipment.

The larger the disk or disks we want to have and the more data we want to write to them, the more SSDs should be. SSD disks, in addition to helping us store data and quickly “extract” them, allow for a much better data transfer between our computer and information contained in the cloud.

IT services – cloud

When we have all the data on our desktop computer, there is always the risk of losing that data. Data loss can be the result of hardware failure, theft, or a hacker attack. Regardless of the profile of our business, on our disks, be it SSD or HDD, there will always be information, the loss of which will be a disaster. For this reason, we should establish cooperation with a company that provides services in the field of data storage in a virtual cloud. We can always recover the data saved there, and we also have access to them, even if we lose our computer.


Hacker attacks can be targeted directly at us, we can fall victim to common network vandalism or we can backfire when the entire industry is attacked. A modern firewall can protect us against this. Access to such a firewall will always be associated with cooperation with an IT company. We can often associate such cooperation with a cloud data storage service, as mentioned above.
An additional advantage of such cooperation may be the possibility of purchasing various types of packages. Such packages may include, for example, purchasing a subscription to access legal software, such as the Office suite or other industry programs. Usually it is definitely more profitable than buying them yourself. An additional bonus is the provision of IT problem solving services (so-called helpdesk) by the mentioned companies (usually as part of the package).

Additional elements of equipment

Additional elements of equipment that we do not immediately think about may also include a laminator, printer, landline telephone. A laminator is a not very expensive device that allows you to make laminates yourself, i.e. protection with a polymer coating. Thanks to them, we can make many labels, descriptions or simple signs, without the need to involve a printing house or an advertising company.

A printer is a necessary device in every office, but it is worth emphasizing that the printer and its capabilities should be tailored to our needs. Most often, the offer will include a laser printer and there is no need to wonder too much in this matter, but printers may differ in price and capabilities. The printer’s capabilities include efficiency, printing speed and color palette. In addition, it is worth considering whether to buy, for example, a multifunctional device that includes a printer, photocopier and scanner.

A landline phone seems obsolete, but as the example of large companies shows, it can still be useful. First of all, the use of a landline phone is more convenient and it is less prone to cellular outages that happen from time to time.