Various types of wallpaper

Various types of wallpaper

The use of wallpaper has become very popular in recent years. While only a dozen or so years ago wall wallpapers were the basis for filling the walls, over the years they were turned into paints. Today, however, an increasing number of people rely on wallpapers as a perfect decoration and interesting decoration in an extremely original way, giving a good style to any interior. 

However, if it seems to us that each wallpaper is the same, and it only differs in color or pattern, then we are very wrong. Manufacturers offer us a variety of wallpapers and depending on where we want to use them, we can choose their type.

What kind of wallpaper should you choose visually?

The main division of wallpapers concerns the patterns and textures that are used on them. And this is how we can distinguish wall wallpapers: flocked, i.e. with velor embossing, medallion, as well as with gilding, with floral patterns and graphics. Here you can distinguish many colors of wallpapers, as well as numerous motifs that are used on them. Some people choose a wallpaper in the form of red brick, which in an interesting way imitates it in reality. Others choose strong colors and patterns, others choose minimalism, delicate decorations and brightness. What we choose depends mainly on our tastes and preferences. In terms of aesthetics and visual aspects, we can apply the wallpaper to all walls, we can put it halfway up the wall and separate it from the upper part painted with a decorative strip, and we can only use it on one wall. Here, the basis is to integrate it into the whole so that it creates the perfect theme and the perfect atmosphere throughout the room.

What wallpaper to choose in terms of material

In addition to the visual aspect, the second very important element is the material from which such wallpapers are made. Here we have a really wide range of products and before we decide to choose a specific model, it is worth reading this topic without a doubt in order to be able to choose the best possible solution for you. And this is how we distinguish, among others:

        • non-woven wallpapers – these are two-layer wallpapers that are designed for painting. Non-woven fabric is a very good carrier material here. The wallpaper is easy to apply, even easier to take off. Other wallpapers can be applied to it. Due to the fact that we have a choice of many patterns and colors, they can be used as wall decorations in almost any room.
        • paper wallpapers – these are used most often. You can buy single-layer, double-layer, as well as three-layer to choose from. Some are washable, others are waterproof, others can be painted. They are the least durable of all, but allow the wall to breathe. You can choose one-color and plain, as well as multicolored and patterned wallpapers. The choice is up to the buyers.
        • vinyl wallpapers – such are made of foamed PVC. They are very durable, resistant to water and abrasion. They are most often used in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as in other humid places.
        • textile wallpapers – one of the most expensive on the market. They have a paper or non-woven base on which a suitable fabric is applied. It can be velor, silk or linen, or in the case of cheaper models, viscose or polypropylene. They can be easily cleaned with fabric detergents.
        • Raufaza wallpapers- these are paper, two-layer and structural models. They are thick, textured, paintable. They perfectly cover any imperfections on the wall. They are available in many designs, so everyone can find something interesting just for themselves.
      • wall spray wallpaper – this is a special type of wallpaper that is applied to the wall with a gun. They can be used on walls, pipes, radiators, doors and other elements. They are available in many colors. You can add glitter to them.
        • acrylic wallpapers – they have a paper base with white or colored foam. They can be painted. The pattern depends on how much acrylic is on them. They are not very durable, therefore they work well in the least used places.
        • Styrofoam wallpapers – are perfect because they combine a perfect look as well as practicality. They are not only decorative wallpapers, but also have a wide range of applications. Among other things, they suppress noise and warm up the room.
        • cork wallpapers – such solutions can have a different texture and color, partially muffle noise. They can be painted with wood varnish and they become waterproof
      • Japanese wall wallpapers – these are in the form of dry powder and are applied to the wall in the form of plaster. If we want, we can soak it, take it off and put it on the wall in another place.

Summary of the wallpaper selection

If you want to put on wallpaper in a room, it is definitely worth choosing one that will work in it both in terms of appearance, as well as the material itself, i.e. the intended use. The choice is so large that everyone will easily find the perfect solution for themselves.