The most common mistakes when choosing interior doors for houses and apartments

The most common mistakes when choosing interior doors for houses and apartments

Right after buying your own apartment or building a house, it is obvious that we will start finishing it and renovating it in general. One of the most important things during it is choosing the right interior doors – they will separate each room in our new apartment and, contrary to appearances, they must be one of the most important elements of interior design. What mistakes can we make when choosing them? What should you avoid to make the right decision? We will write about it in our short guide.

Mistake number one – starting from the door

The door should complement the whole arrangement and a kind of “dot over and”. Buying them in advance can lead to a complete arrangement misunderstanding. So let’s not pay attention to what is popular at the moment, and what is rare – let’s buy the door at the very end, taking into account only two aspects: fit (more on which later in the guide), but also our taste.

Mistake number two – appearance and only appearance

When choosing doors, many people pay attention only to the appearance – while it is actually one of the less important aspects of it. The basis is their reliability – we must remember that we will use them literally every day, opening and closing them, not always with due care and delicacy. It is worth that the mechanism responsible for them should behave in order, and the wing should not be easily damaged. So let’s not only look at the appearance , but also at the more technical aspects. Among them, we should also pay attention to the types of doors- nowadays the classic “winglets” are not our only option. We can also invest in sliding, double-leaf or even folding doors, which – despite the fact that they have already disappeared from the market some time ago – are slowly returning to favor.

Of course, a specific type of door should be selected for a specific room. For example, in the bedroom, where we expect privacy at the highest level, we will not choose folding doors – just like in the bathroom. Let’s look at it all in a very broad perspective.

Mistake number three – lack of arrangement consistency

Although we have already mentioned this when talking about the error related to starting renovation from the door , we must repeat it: we should choose this element of our house and apartment at the very end, complementing our interior design with it. The door must match the whole, and above all, the color of the walls and floors – it is impossible to imagine a white door in a dark-styled apartment – and vice versa. There are so many doors that it is easy to make an arrangement blunder when choosing them. When doing it, let’s pay attention to how they are dressed:

  • our walls – we are talking not only about color, but also accessories (pictures, frames and others) on them;
  • furniture – it is a good practice to match the color and material of the door to the appearance of the furniture – compliance with them can often complete the entire arrangement
  • floors – as they usually adhere directly to the door, they must form a consistent and harmonious whole with them.

Remember that the door is visible not only inside the target room , but also outside – in the corridor or in another room. We must bear this in mind at the stage of selecting them, but also at the stage of arranging adjacent rooms.

Mistake number four – incorrect assembly

Maybe it is not typically related to the choice of doors, assembly is very important in the whole process – if we are properly qualified, or we simply have the appropriate technical skills (not necessarily supported by repeated practice), we can undertake it ourselves. However, it is important to do it correctly – even perfectly selected interior doors will not look good if they are installed incorrectly, whether it is crooked or in the wrong place. Most importantly, wrong assembly may lead to their deprivation of functionality.

It should be borne in mind that most manufacturers do not offer a guarantee for a self-assembled door, realizing how many errors (often irreversible) can be made. Already at the stage of choosing the door, let’s think about who will install it for us and we should definitely correlate it with their type – folding doors forgive the most mistakes and can be non-invasive. Classic or sliding ones can be more challenging. If we have to, do not hesitate to seek professional help.


Choosing interior doors for your own home, contrary to all appearances, is not the easiest thing to do. We have a lot of options on the market, and the doors that we finally decide on should not only appeal to us, but also match the style of the entire flat or house, but also be solidly made. They separate the next parts of the place from each other – it would be good if they did it properly. Therefore, we should never underestimate their choice, and always make it at the end, choosing them to the already prepared arrangement.