Tent storage halls are a simple and cheap solution not only for storing goods

Tent storage halls are a simple and cheap solution not only for storing goods

Renting or building a large warehouse is usually a large investment that requires not only a lot of money, but also commitment. When you want to avoid it, it is worth taking an interest in the offer of tent storage halls. They are quick and easy to install. They can be used for many purposes and they do not require building permits.

They are suitable for storing any product

Today’s tent storage halls are primarily light and, despite the possible large dimensions, compact structures. They are usually made of a steel skeleton, which, of course, is protected against corrosion. The walls and roof are made of plastic. These materials are, of course, waterproof, they do not let in UV rays and they do not develop mold or fungus. They also allow you to store any type of goods there, including both food products and chemicals. All this makes it not only an excellent storage space, but also a great protection of what is inside against the adverse effects of changing weather conditions. And there is no need to dismantle such a tent warehouse for the winter, because it can function at any time of the year.

Also on individual order

Tent storage halls are a simple and cheap solution not only for storing goods
Tent storage halls are a simple and cheap solution not only for storing goods

Today, many companies are involved in the production of tent storage halls. They can of course be of different sizes, shapes and colors. They can be up to several hundred square meters in size and up to several meters in height, and can also be equipped with floors and windows. It all depends on the customer’s needs, because the competition on the market of tent storage halls made us approach each order very flexibly. And there is also no problem to make such a hall completely on an individual order.

When choosing a tent storage hall, you should always make sure that it is of a solid structure. In addition to the bolts, its structure must also be based on transverse and side roof struts, because only such technical solutions improve the rigidity and stability of such a tent hall. These struts are also there to support a solid, heavy tarpaulin.  You also need to choose products or companies that have sets of belts used during the assembly of the structure. Thanks to them, the tarpaulin will be carefully stretched and secured on the frame. Which at the same time prevents her from making any unwanted movements. In addition, rain flows more easily from a well-stretched tarpaulin.

When deciding to put up a tent warehouse, it is also worth considering what material the tarpaulin should be made of. For example, the one made of PVC, compared to the PE tarpaulin, is more resistant to damage, even tearing. It also withstands higher and longer UV radiation than PE. On the other hand, PE tarpaulins are lighter. This also makes them easier to use.

You do not need a permit for such a warehouse

Before assembling a tent hall, you should also carefully consider the appropriate place of its placement. Contemporary structures of this type are durable. They are not afraid of even very strong gusts of wind and the most heavy rainfall. But falling poles or tree branches can seriously damage such a tent and destroy what is inside. Therefore – if it is possible, of course, do not place them under or near trees and poles.

One of the important advantages of a tent storage hall is that the structure can be quickly disassembled, easily folded and, for example, moved to another location. This cannot be done with a brick warehouse. In addition, to put up one, in addition to a large amount of money, you also need a lot of documentation of consents, permits and signatures. It takes time and commitment. In the case of a tent warehouse, all this bureaucracy is eliminated and you do not have to worry later that construction supervision will suddenly appear and you will start to question the investment.

Many other uses

Tent halls also have a wide range of applications. They do not have to serve only entrepreneurs and only as warehouses. They are also perfect as garages. Not only for cars. Their size allows them to also shelter construction machines or other similar devices. Even a large boat will fit there.

Smaller tent storage halls can also be a much cheaper solution than a brick extension or a separate outbuilding on the property, where there is a place for the necessary tools and materials. Such a tent is also great for a handy workshop. As each tent can also be heated and provides good protection against rain and wind, it is also sometimes used as an enclosure for livestock. Only these few examples mentioned above show how simple, practical and universal solution is tent storage halls. What they can serve is limited only by the imagination and needs of the person who wants to buy such a hall.