Regular visits to the dentist prevent the development of caries and more

Regular visits to the dentist prevent the development of caries and more

Many people say that they did not realize how a visit to the dentist’s office could improve their mood. Painless treatments and healthy white teeth can make you feel better. Dental offices do not use experimental methods and techniques that are associated with a high risk for patients. Careful disinfection and functionality of the equipment completely eliminate the possibility of violation of sterility.

When is it impossible to delay the visit to the dentist?

 During a visit to the dentist, dental diagnostics is carried out to recognize all cavities or inflammation of the gums. If there are carious lesions, it is necessary to undergo treatment quickly so that there are no complications at the next stages of its development. Current dentistry is pain-free and comfortable treatment, so there is no point in postponing the visit to the dentist’s office. Each person for preventive purposes should visit the dentist once every six months.

However, in special cases, immediately:

  • If a tooth hurts
  • If the teeth become sensitive to cold or hot drinks
  • At the initial stage, with more complex types of treatment (orthodontics, implantation, prosthetics, surgery)
  • With inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth
  • To restore the lost part of the tooth
  • Before and during pregnancy.

The most common reasons for visiting a dentist:

  • Caries treatment
  • Treatment of pulpitis
  • Treatment of periodontitis and dental cysts
  • Dental treatment during pregnancy
  • Dentistry under general anesthesia
  • Restoration of part of the tooth.

How does implantation change a smile?

Dental implantation is a field of surgical dentistry that specializes in installing an artificial support in place of the root of a lost tooth. Everyone knows that it is important to protect your teeth and monitor their health and hygiene by visiting your dentist regularly. Neglecting the health and hygiene of the teeth often leads to the fact that the tooth can no longer be saved. And in some cases also to various types of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.

Reasons why it is important to replace a lost tooth with an artificial one as soon as possible:

      • Chewing food is impaired, which is the main cause of digestive problems.
      • Adjacent teeth begin to move as they try to fill the empty space, which is sure to lead to malocclusion.
      • This will cause a change in appearance as well as health problems for the neck, back, and musculoskeletal system.
      • The chewing load on adjacent teeth increases.
      • Adjacent teeth on the sides, as well as those above them, will serve much less.
      • The bone tissue in the place of the lost tooth disappears over time. The dentist will need to perform surgery to build bone tissue. The more time has passed since you lost a tooth, the more difficult the procedure can be.
      • There are speech defects.

If someone has doubts as to whether implantation is recommended for him, he should consult a dentist who will carefully examine the case and select the appropriate methods.

Periodontology will take care of the periodontal tissues

Periodontology is a field of dentistry dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal (periodontitis) tissues.

The main signs of problems with periodontal tissues:

      • The gums hurt and bleeds – the first reason to think about visiting a periodontist;
      • Bad breath is also the main enemy of communication with people and an indication for consultation with a specialist.
      • ENT problems (ear, throat, nose)
      • Chronic stomach problems
      • Gum disease with unpleasant sensations and / or pain.
      • Teeth mobility. In physiology, teeth should always be mobile, but the permissible mobility is invisible to humans. At the same time, it is easy to notice excessive tooth mobility as an anomaly that definitely requires the intervention of a periodontist.
      • Exposing the neck of the tooth. In addition to violating the aesthetics of the smile, such a reduction in the volume of the gums leads to increased tooth sensitivity, as well as to the active development of carious lesions in this area.

What is the main cause of gum disease?

The main cause of gum disease is plaque, which is rich in bacteria and forms on the surface of the teeth and around the edges of the gums. Without proper hygiene, plaque eventually turns to tartar, full of toxins and bacterial waste products that cause inflammation in the mouth, rapidly destroying the soft tissue around the tooth. Regular visits to the dentist will allow you to get rid of the accumulated tartar and protect yourself against the development of caries.

Children’s health always comes first

It is important to show your child that visiting the dentist is not scary, but interesting and fun. Treatment can be quick, painless and safe. Children often have negative experiences with people in white coats. Therefore, the task of a pediatric dentist is to turn the treatment into a fairy tale and exciting game so that children notice that tooth treatment is not painful, and that all this works to their advantage.

Secrets of gaining the trust of little patients:

    • There should be no drug smell in the dentist’s office
    • Preparing toys or other small gifts for children
    • Include children’s stories during treatment to distract them.