Kitchen blinds

Kitchen blinds

For proper family relations and spending time together, the kitchen takes a special place. It is no wonder that the household members, when getting acquainted with a new apartment, first of all pay attention to the kitchen. It can be said that it is a room that connects all rooms in the apartment. The ineffective and impractical decor of the kitchen window does not contribute to creating coziness and a warm atmosphere. That is why many people find traditional curtains inappropriate in the kitchen or need something else, such as functional and beautiful blinds.

Is it worth having roller blinds in the kitchen?

Traditional curtains have the ability to collect dust, which requires periodic washing, otherwise they will begin to pollute the air in the kitchen. In addition, curtains tend to wrinkle and lose their attractive appearance. Women often don’t like being watched while cooking. No wonder that roller blinds are most often seen in the kitchen.
In addition, when a home cook is completely immersed in the cooking process and suddenly decides to close the curtains, he had to ask himself: do my hands be clean? Which causes some mental stress and discomfort. In this case, different types of blinds will come to the rescue, which can be pulled down without getting dirty, for this they have special controls (for example, chain, cord), unlike ordinary curtains that require physical contact of hands with the fabric. Roller shutters are increasingly finding their place in the kitchen. The installation of roller shutters will not only add coziness and comfort, but also allow you to create an original interior and properly distinguish the kitchen from all other rooms.

What to consider when choosing roller blinds for the kitchen?

Surely, not everyone knows that in addition to the most ordinary blinds, there can be different varieties: more exclusive, fabric blinds: horizontal or vertical. In this regard, often many kitchen owners think about which one to choose. When choosing roller shutters, you should take into account your personal preferences and the size of the kitchen. So, in a small kitchen, the issue of maintaining and saving free space is especially important.

In addition, factors such as whether it is the sunny side of the building or the kitchen is dark or light are important. In addition, how the type of blinds can affect the access and free space near the window sill. When choosing practical horizontal blinds or less practical vertical blinds, consider factors such as size, kitchen area and how often meals are cooked, and the distance from the stove to the table.

Which types of kitchen roller blinds are the best?

Aluminum horizontal roller blinds are probably the most popular type of roller blinds in the kitchen due to their low cost and practicality. They do not absorb grease, dirt. Their surface is smooth and easy to clean, and you can also achieve a decorative effect. This type of blinds is not difficult to maintain comfort, at the same time, aluminum can organically fit into the kitchen and harmonize with many kitchen elements that contain metal, which is very characteristic of this room.

For many people, the word blinds are associated with white. But in fact, they do not have to be white at all, here you can vent your desires and choose the color that best suits your decor. The color of the blinds must match and harmoniously blend with the color of the wallpaper, kitchen furniture and other kitchen elements. To create a sense of naturalness, you can order horizontal wooden blinds. The disadvantage may be their higher price, but there is also a much cheaper option of an aluminum roller blind with a pattern imitating various types of wood.

Criteria for choosing roller shutters for the kitchen

When installed in the kitchen, cassette-type blinds have an advantage over open blinds, because with intensive cooking and an increased risk of contamination of the fabric, the material can be rolled up into the cassette. Since the guides in the cassette roller blinds are made of plastic or aluminum, unlike fabrics, they are easy to clean from various kitchen contaminants.

Of course, when choosing vertical blinds over the more practical horizontal blinds, there is a compromise: while horizontal blinds are easier to care for, they do not provide the same aesthetics and convenience as vertical blinds. The roller shutters can be mounted on the wall, thus covering the entire window opening, or attached to each sash separately. Blinds with properly selected material get along well and combine with traditional curtains. A slight soiling of the roller blind fabric can be removed with a damp sponge, and more serious soiling with dry cleaning agents.

In conclusion, it must be said that roller shutters are an excellent option for sun protection in the kitchen, provided the window is far enough from the stove. Most designers believe that vertical blinds allow you to visually increase the height of the room, which is especially relevant for apartments with low ceilings. Due to the fact that vertical blinds, unlike ordinary curtains, do not consist of solid material, but striped lamellas, they allow air and oxygen to pass through much better, which is especially important during a muggy summer.