How to trim ceramic tiles

How to trim ceramic tiles

Laying ceramic tiles in houses is an increasingly popular form of interior finishing. In the past, mainly bathrooms and sometimes kitchens were tiled. Currently, we use tiles to cover more and more areas of our headquarters. Laying the tiles by a skilled person is costly. Prices on average oscillate around 1000 PLN for 10 m2 of tiles. In the case of the price, a lot also depends on the type of tiles we are dealing with (it is mainly about the size). So it may happen that the price per linear meter may be much higher or slightly lower. However, many Poles decide to lay the tiles on their own.

Difficulty in tiling

Generally speaking, tiling is not a great philosophy. Of course, this does not mean that everyone will be able to do it on their own with a satisfactory result. However, if we have fairly good manual skills, experience (albeit small) with renovation work, patience and willingness, we should be able to do it. This does not mean, of course, that we will not run into major and minor problems. The larger ones include the necessity to cut the tiles.

Why cut the tiles

Tiles are almost never of such size that they can be completely laid on the floor or wall, without having to cut them. Even if we manage to make the tiles fit perfectly in width, there will always be a bend or a tube to which the tile needs to be cut. Cutting tiles is not easy, although we can divide them into more difficult and easier. Whether we face an easier or more difficult topic depends largely on what tiles we cut and where they must be placed.

Cutting tiles with an angle grinder

The simplest trimming of tiles is done with an ordinary angle grinder. The grinder should be equipped with a stoneware cutting disc. However, it is best to also have a vice with rubber grippers. Only such a mounted plate gives us the possibility of a sufficiently accurate cutting of the plate and ensures work safety. Cutting with an angle grinder is not one of the methods that give the best aesthetic value, but for some applications this method is completely sufficient. As for the use of this method, it is also worth defining. Typically, cutting tiles with an angle grinder is sufficient for cutting floor tiles. Cutting such tiles is 99% necessary to fit the last tile against the wall. Then we trim the edge,which will be directly next to the wall, and because there is almost always a skirting board next to the wall, we do not have to worry about the aesthetics of the performance.

Cutting tiles with the use of professional tools

When we need much better aesthetics than in the example described directly above, as you might expect, an angle grinder is not enough. When we want to cut the tiles aesthetically, we have to obtain the appropriate equipment. Wall tiles are the easiest to cut. These tiles are most often made with the use of monoporosis technology. They are the softest, so they can be easily processed in any way. To cut such tiles, we usually only need a glass knife (for cutting the enamel), tiling tongs (for breaking tiles), and sometimes we can also use a manual cutter (the so-called guillotine), which is used for cutting in straight lines. The situation is different with floor tiles. The floor tiles are made of glazed and unglazed stoneware. They are much harder and thicker.

For their precise processing, we will probably need, in addition to the tools already mentioned, a tungsten file, an electric tile cutter, a rotary diamond saw for wet cutting and a bow saw for cutting at various angles. In addition to these tools, we will need some practice, because good use of them takes some practice. Before starting the finishing works, it is good to buy a package of the cheapest tiles and practice on them. Otherwise, we have to take into account the large waste of tiles that we already have ordered and plan to put them at home.In addition to these tools, we will need some practice, because good use of them takes some practice.

Tile cutting services

All the mentioned tools, as mentioned, require practice to use and, unfortunately, they cost money. If we want to have them all, we will most likely spend a few thousand zlotys. If we only need them to lay tiles only in our house or apartment, the skin may not be worth the layette, not counting the time spent on cutting and nerves, if something goes wrong. In such a situation, we can take advantage of the custom-made tile cutting offers. Offers of such services can be found in almost every DIY store, and smaller stores only with tiles often offer such services. For cutting the tiles to the whole house, we will probably pay only a few hundred zlotys, which, compared to the price of several thousand zlotys for equipment, is a really good option,from a practical and economic point of view.