How to buy the right car parts?

How to buy the right car parts?

If you are an experienced driver who knows his car inside out, then you should consider purchasing car parts on your own. What if we don’t have that much experience? In this case, the most reasonable solution seems to be a visit to a car repair shop.

How to solidly prepare for a visit to the workshop?

Before you direct your steps to a professional, you need to know that plants that have been repairing cars for years and replacing parts can count on favorable offers for individual components, which is not possible in the context of an average user. In order not to be disappointed with the final price for the work related to the replacement of car parts, please ask for a detailed cost estimate. Also, remember to check the price of individual components that you are going to replace on your own. The ones recommended by the employee will not always be the cheapest option.

Replacing car parts on your own

If you have decided to take matters into your own hands, it is high time to thoroughly prepare for the whole undertaking. When deciding to buy automotive, you should have the following information: model and year of the car, engine version – its code, VIN number, equipment of your model, as well as its intended use on a specific production market. In addition to such important issues, you must not forget to write down all the markings on the car parts that will be replaced. For factory-fitted components, the manufacturer’s catalog number is sufficient. Sometimes, in addition to the number, you can see the logo of the manufacturer of a specific part. This makes things much easier, as all you need to do is contact your direct distributor.

Electronic components

In the context of replacing these specific car parts, they cannot be selected by intuition. Identical housing does not mean properly completed electronic components. It is best to buy components with the same catalog number and from the same manufacturer and not to worry about harmful situations for the car. The best example is the purchase of motor drivers. Many manufacturers use components from different suppliers. An inexperienced customer can purchase an engine controller with a different catalog number, what’s more, he will be able to start it, but the engine will receive too much or too little fuel, which will end up with much higher costs related to the repair of the failure.

Parts of the brake system

Replacing these specific car parts is a much easier task than the previously mentioned electronic components. The necessary information should include the year, engine version and possible ABS equipment or lack thereof. However, this is not a solution for all models. In order not to make a wrong choice, it is necessary to measure the diameter of the brake discs. If the purchased replacements have a different shape than the old discs, it is not worth trying to install them, because the option of a possible return or replacement will be irretrievably lost.

Body in strange colors

If you count on savings resulting from the purchase of car body replacements of dubious quality, you can contact the nearest tinsmith who will bring your car to a working condition. Some car owners choose to purchase original second-hand parts. It might seem a much smarter solution than the aforementioned, but it is not a rule. In the context of glass replacement, it should be remembered that the original one may differ in color from the others that we already have in the car.

Choosing the right straps

Toothed belts are responsible for driving the timing in precisely defined drive units. In order to select the appropriate car parts from this segment, you should refer to the current manufacturer’s catalog, remembering about the appropriate engine version. In the context of toothed belts, apart from their shape, their flexibility is also important, thanks to which they are able to work at a certain temperature. Replacing the belt also involves the disassembly of the roller, tensioners and the water pump. Fortunately, many manufacturers are aware of this complex process, so they sell these components in kits, which guarantees the correct selection of individual components.

Suspension components

This group of car parts is the leader when it comes to the largest number of replacements. Shock absorbers or springs may seem identical, but may have significantly different performance parameters – some will be dedicated to lighter models, while the latter will be suitable for cars with heavier diesel engines. Considering the average quality of roads in our country, one thing is certain, it is not worth considering the purchase of cheaper replacements and the only reasonable solution is to choose dedicated variants. After all, everyone cares that the journey by car takes place in safe conditions, without unexpected events during the route.